E-Tech Metals is a private company developing projects in the critical and strategic metals space.

Lithium & cobalt are currently hot tickets in the resources sector with investors predicting a steady growth in electric vehicle batteries and energy storage. Those who "join the dots" must also consider the engine. Cue the rare earth elements (REE), notably the elements neodymium (Nd) & praseodymium (Pr), essential materials for high-strength magnets used in electric car and motorbike engines, as well as wind turbine generators.

The majority of electric cars, hybrids, and electric motorbikes use a Nd/Pr permanent magnet motor. Advantages of high power, low weight, and small size. No viable substitutes are the horizon.

With the phase-change from the internal combustion engines to electric motors diversity of supply of these key REEs needs to be addressed. Sensibly. 

The answer is right-sized deposits that ultimately lead to operations of low-capex and low-opex and the utilization of low-energy processing routes keeping impacts to the environment to a minimum.